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For Instance, the daughter of Gangamma who is Gadlpalll

Narayana Rao's sister married a boy of Gurum Gadaba family of

Karakavalasa near Salur. Similarly Gangamma's sister Parvatamma

gave her daughter in marriage to another youth of the same


The earliest exogamous marriage was a secret affair la the

beginning. Once this was accepted, the Karakavalasa people

become kinsmen. Thereafter, one by one, new alliances came to

be formed exogamously.

IE this context, the Influence of contact with the people

of the plains some of whom have taken Kaltira Gadaba girls as

concublaes, cannot be Ignored. These are powerful and rich*

They have much influence. It Is not easy to oppose them. Gene-

rally the plains people are clever aad powerful. So the Gadabas

had to acquiesce.

Their Inability to prevent          developments emboldened

some of the rash youth to contract exogamous marriages, in a few

cases, with the Gurum Gadabas of Karaka Valasa. These

however, are the exception rather than the rule. The Gadabas

still choose their spouse from among the Kattira Gadaba families



II.    Polygamy :

When a person lives with more than        wife. It is known

as  polygamy.    The   Gadabas   of            Cheruvu    Valasa   arc

generally monogamous. But there Is no taboo against fmtygamy.

A man may marry more than one wife. He                  the second

wife into his house.   But why should he do so ?   If he does not